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Cardio Kickboxing


Karate | Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy

The ancient art of karate is one of the healthiest martial arts that you can practice. People have been doing karate for hundreds of years and the art...

Cardio Kickboxing | Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy

Want to give your heart a real aerobic workout? Give cardio kickboxing a try and you’ll quickly see results! Your heart is your life. Why not treat it...

Pilates | Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy

Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy is proud to offer Pilates classes – a very specialized exercise technique with many benefits. What exactly is...

Discover how Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy can teach you a variety of martial arts including karate and kickboxing!

Welcome To Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy

Our Mission

Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy in Boulder Creek, CA offers a wide variety of martial arts instruction. We have classes geared to the beginner as well as to students with more experience. And we are thrilled to introduce these disciplines to children ages five and up. The martial arts are our passion, and our instructors show it!

The martial arts have a long history of providing both physical and mental benefits to practitioners. There are many disciplines within the broad category of “martial arts” and each has its particular advantage. What they all share in common is the development and improvement of one’s elf-discipline, strength and mental acuity. There are many different levels within each discipline which makes it easy to find the one that is right for you!

Here’s a list of the classes offered at Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy:

• Five- and up karate
• Cardio kickboxing
• Cardio fitness
• Karate (for children and adults)

We pride ourselves on engaging with our students so that each student gets the optimal physical and mental experience. Although our studio is new, the owner has been practicing and teaching martial arts for thirty years.

Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy is located in Boulder Creek, CA. Give us a call or visit us today!