About Us

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About Us

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Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy is locally owned and is located in Boulder Creek, CA. Our staff has a passion for teaching and helping students achieve their goals, no matter the type of martial arts they practice. The owner of the studio has been practicing the arts since the age of five and has over thirty years of experience teaching others. Our studio is new and we are excited to bring our learning to the Boulder Creek area!

We have many different classes that are offered at a variety of times and days of the week. You can choose to take karate lessons, a cardio kickboxing class, a Pilates class, or Kenpo or karate dojo, as well as other types of classes. We limit the number of students in each class so that you can be assured to receive personalized attention and our prices are affordable too!

Your body is your temple and we are eager to share our knowledge about the martial arts! A healthy, strong body leads to a healthy mind. It’s never too early or too late to learn! Visit us today to learn about our classes and meet our instructors.