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The ancient art of karate is one of the healthiest martial arts that you can practice. People have been doing karate for hundreds of years and the art developed in what is now Japan. Almost everybody has seen the movie The Karate Kid – and knows that the art requires concentration, discipline and strength!

But karate is more than just throwing punches and kicking. There is a fine skill required and more subtle moves that can only be learned with finesse over many years of practice. It’s important to receive instruction from experienced teachers who can motivate their students, show them the proper techniques, and harness their talents. Beginners can benefit especially from a teacher who has a wide range of knowledge in various techniques.

Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy offers several classes including Kenpo karate at its dojo (which means “training hall”). We have classes for both kids (five years old and up) and adults. Students come to us for a variety of reasons, from wanting to learn karate for self- defense reasons, to wishing to learn karate as a sport, or even as a pure art. Whatever the motivation, there is always the need to learn and develop the art’s psychological elements in addition to the physical aspects.

What is Kenpo karate? This specific martial art is characterized by rapid hand strikes that are executed in quick succession. The teaching of Kenpo karate is one of our specialties at Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy. Most people who take Kenpo karate lessons are learning the art for self-defense. There isn’t much kicking involved in Kenpo, and students are taught that each block is a strike, and vice versa. As with other types of karate, Kenpo emphasizes that the practitioner be aware of all motions so that each one is targeted and efficient.

If you would like to take up karate or are a seasoned veteran of the art, give Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy a try! We are located in Boulder Creek, CA. Call us today or stop by the dojo to learn more!