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Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy is proud to offer Pilates classes – a very specialized exercise technique with many benefits.

What exactly is Pilates? You may have heard the term, as this type of exercise has really gained in popularity over the last decade. Simply put, Pilates is an exercise routine that concentrates on controlled movements using special equipment. The goal is to improve your strength and flexibility. An emphasis is placed upon having students learn correct alignment, as well as developing balance and coordination. Proper breathing techniques are also taught in Pilates.

The Pilates discipline was originated in Germany by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. He developed six core principles of the discipline: concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing. The instructors at our studio have a lot of experience teaching this method and are eager to share the practice with new students.

Traditional Pilates is not considered a particularly aerobic activity. The practice is more akin to yoga. Class size is kept very small and if you are interested, you can also enquire about taking a private Pilates class. Because of the nature of this exercise, we only offer Pilates for adults.

Whether you have never taken a class before or consider yourself an expert, we are sure to have a class that meets your needs. The exercises in each class can be modified from low to high intensity depending on the students’ skill level. Our teachers always maintain a safe environment (ensuring our Pilates equipment is regularly inspected) and remain conscious of each student’s ability. We aim to deliver a great workout matched to each student’s ability!

The Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy is located in Boulder Creek, CA. If you are looking for an experienced Pilates teacher, visit us today!