Tai Chi

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Tai Chi - Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy

Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy offers private and affordable instruction in Tai Chi in Boulder Creek, CA. The practice of Tai Chi has for centuries helped countless of people achieve better physical and mental health through a series of dynamic body movements and effective breathing exercises. This ancient form of Chinese discipline integrates the body mind/emotional philosophy, equipping the student with the strength to deal with external stress and promote physical healing.

The instruction of Tai Chi in Boulder Creek, CA at the Lone Wolf Kenpo Academy is suitable for beginners of any age wishing to enjoy better health and improved fitness levels. Our experienced professional Tai Chi exercise instructor will help deepen your knowledge of the underlying philosophy and the practise of slow movements and postures that include spiraling, jumps, twists, leaps and dancelike poses.

The numerous health benefits that include physical and psychosocial offered by Tai Chi is the main reason why so many have become devotees of this classic form of mild martial arts. The slow low-impact movements help to regulate bodily systems that aid in enhancing circulation, breathing and digestion. In addition to this, the condition of the muscles in the body as well as the joints and bones are improved. Through regular practice of Tai Chi, you will achieve better balance and flexibility as well as coordination. Mental health benefits include a sense of happiness and wellness, and enhanced focus and concentration levels.

Are you tired of the same old repetitive forms of exercise that have long failed to excite both your body and mind? Tai Chi is an impressive instruction in distinctive movements that promote the health and harmony of the body and the mind. Not only do you receive improved cardiovascular endurance and a stronger immune system, but increased cognitive function for better decision making too. Make a good decision now and book your first Tai Chi session today.